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Blaine Sharp is a charismatic singer who knows what it takes to charm the audience and get them to experience something heartfelt and real, track after track.

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The new album (Wanderlust) from vocalist Blaine Sharp is a stunning combination of jazz influences and upbeat melodies with a soul…each cut has something distinctive to offer, revealing a different side of his artistic personality and gifted showmanship

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New Album Available Now

This is among the year’s prettiest albums...Blaine Sharp has a voice that is both timeless and classic” 

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Wunderlust single release

Review of Wanderlust in Ink 19

I was so excited to see this review of my album in Ink 19 and just had to share: Link 19 Review

Performing at the Wanderlust Single Release Party

What a great time I had. Joined by Peter Smith on piano we sang a couple of songs. We screened the video for the first time... and there was birthday cake for yours truly. I'm so thankful for the people who came out to support me, sip a little champagne, and kick off...

On CHCH TV ‘Morning Live’

What a thrill it was to appear on CHCH Morning Live today. I mean this is the station that aired the original 'Tiny Talent Time' and 'Hilarious House of Frightenstein' which if you grew up in Canada you will definitely know 🙂 For those who missed it:...