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Got a little Wanderlust?

Wanderlust is among the year’s prettiest albums...Blaine Sharp has a voice that is both timeless and classic ” 

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Birds of a feather flock together on these fun jazz playlists

Big thanks to the cool cats at Five Dragons Music for including my song on two - count 'em two!! - of their hot jazz playlists. Links are here to check them out on Apple Music, Spotify or Youtube Music and save them to your libraries 👏👏  Plenty of great tunes...

Sharing My New Video

With beautiful illustrations by José Trujillo I'm so crazy excited to share this video for 'Le Vent d'été (Summer Wind)'. This was such a labour of love. Below there are links to give a 'thumbs up' on Youtube and/or like the song on Spotify or Apple Music, I do hope...

Wanderlust Review by Michael Doherty

So happy to share this independent review of my album, and I’m so glad that Michael likes it! 😊

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