blaine sharp


With the last name ‘Sharp’ it might seem like destiny that Blaine would end up
making music but this wasn’t always so. There were many zigs and a lot of zags
along the way. Moving to LA in 2017 was definitely a game changer though, it was
time to face that namesake destiny head on!

Blaine Sharp is a charismatic singer who knows what it takes to charm the audience and get them to experience something heartfelt and real, track after track.”  Jim Olin, All About Jazz


Los Angeles based singer, actor & songwriter

Born and raised in Canada Blaine also spent important parts of his life in England, the United States and France and considers all of these places to have a special place in his heart as well as in his music. His love of theater and film is also a strong influence. For Blaine it’s all about a real connection to the story and to an emotion, and sharing this honestly with his audience.

Blaine’s debut release, Wanderlust is an exploration of many of these artistic influences. With jazz inflections throughout it wanders romantically through musical genres, allowing this new recording artist a little space to wander creatively too. It is a fitting introduction for his listeners, one that hints at musical directions to come.

Until then Blaine continues to work as a singer, actor and songwriter. He has many new projects on the go, please keep in touch below: