What a thrilling experience it was to be in the recording studio for the very first time. One that may have been panic inducing for me were it not for feeling secure in the hands of so many talented people. At both No Sound Studio in Pasadena and Victory Studios in Burbank I knew I was in a safe space, collaborating with artists who share a love for music and the creative process. It was a joy.

It was a massive learning experience too. Gaining confidence at the mike, feeling free to experiment, trusting and listening to the guidance of others while respecting my own creative vision and instincts too. It’s all of this and more. It’s surprising yourself at times, and it’s sitting back and watching talented people do their thing, with unbelievable competence, adding to the finished work in subtle and not so subtle ways. It’s creating with passion and watching the magic happen that is the process of something becoming greater than the sum of its parts, before your very eyes.

I always assumed I’d be nervous to hear feedback, to share the final output. I guess that’s natural. It’s all good though. The process of creating a recording involves a seemingly endless series of choices, from concept to rehearsal, from recording to composition, from mixing to mastering, and every other step along the way. Wanderlust is the result of all these choices and I own each and every one. In the end it isn’t about perfection or flawlessness; it’s about heart and soul… and this I am eager to share with anyone.



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