This is by far my most popular Spotify playlist. It has grown organically over the past couple of years and I’m hoping that this holiday season will get me to 2500 followers, dare I even say 3000 followers??  đŸ¤žđŸģ🤞đŸģ

The key to its success has been: a) the right balance of vintage tracks, newer artists and new releases that all have that classic New York jazz sound, b) the right balance of vocal tracks and instrumentals, c) the right balance of genres that mix nicely together including straight ahead jazz, a little bebop, some crooner vocals, a little broadway and some holiday music when the time comes, and d) regular updates that are timed with the seasons and holidays to make sure it all feels relevant.

Hope you enjoy it too, and hope you discover some great music and some great artists in the process which is what it’s all about after all.

You can click here to follow it and check back regularly for updates (also available on Apple Music and there’s a link at the bottom):

Click here to link to playlist on Apple Music

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