As an independent artist what I’m able to achieve for my listeners is often limited, quite simply through lack of funds. In the eco-system of music consumption these days there are very few ways a musician can generate income from the fruits of their labor, income that can fund new work at the very least, never mind income that can sustain a living – it can take some 5K streams to generate the revenue of what could once be made from the sale of just one cd!

In response to this grave situation the online site, Patreon provides an amazing service that allows me to offer listeners, fans and individuals who believe in the importance of independent artists an ability to contribute, to keep us in the game in a sustainable way. At the same time, through Patreon I have the ability to connect with my fans in a far more meaningful way, getting feedback from them, sharing exclusive insights and content, and offering all kinds of added benefits as a means to thanking them their their engagement and support. It’s a win/win situation and I just know the music will benefit from it.

Check them out, there’s a link below. There are different tiers of support you can opt in for (a mid point will cost  barely the equivalent of what the purchase of just one cd per month would!). If you’re excited for what I’m doing and eager to see where I can go with my music, composing, recordings, videos and live performances then please become a patron and be part of the journey, Blaine 🙏

Click here for Patreon and to inquire about supporting my music

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